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Just to prove they don’t like customers…

Posted by Todd McKinney on December 15, 2007

…it seems that TMobile has decided blocking twitter would be a good idea. Now, this doesn’t directly affect me since I’m not a customer of theirs. It’s also not yet 100% obvious to me that it’s true, since they haven’t exactly fessed up to the nefarious behaviour as far as I can tell. The one thing that bothers me enough to post about it is that the customer service letter reads just like the attitude that the mobile telecom companies that I’ve dealt with in the past have had.

The companies that make up that industry are so short-sighted and evil it nearly makes me ill. Building resentment in large populations of people is not a winning long-term strategy. So many businesses seem to be at war with the public nowadays, intent only on extracting¬†a revenue stream at all costs. I’m keeping track. I will enjoy the opportunity to dance on their graves.

update: While it almost seems like I just overreacted and posted on speculation that confirmed what I already believed, I think there’s still a big issue with how this thing was handled. Not a peep from TMobile. BibleBoy, who was kinda in the middle of the whole mess, still thinks they’ve got some ‘splaining to do.


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