Unraveling Obfuscation

ob fus cate – 1. to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy 2. to make obscure or unclear

Saying something nice for a change

Posted by Todd McKinney on March 14, 2008

imageIt has been one of my important goals as I’m thinking about ramping up the posting frequency of this blog, to make the overall tone positive. This is harder than it sounds for a couple of reasons:

  1. Like Steven Hodson, I tend to see myself more and more as a cranky old fart. I’m becoming increasingly comfortable with this every day.

  2. Just like a fight on a playground, or driving by a car wreck, complaining and criticizing draws a lot more attention than doing something nice for someone. The blogosphere rewards controversy.

  3. People (and companies) do dumb things. A lot.

Imagine my glee then, in finally hitting on a solution. I was reading a post by Umair, where he’s calling the billionaire blogger names and I thought he was probably mostly right and I should link to it. Then it hit me – I can be positive (way to go Umair, good point) and still fulfil that need to complain about something at the same time. Problem solved. It’s a happy day.

Now, if I can just find more people griping about stuff on their blogs, I’m set.

Update: fixed typo that made me look illiterate


2 Responses to “Saying something nice for a change”

  1. felix said

    Good luck with that! Keeping the tone positive is a great idea, I really admire blogs that can keep a good outlook on things. Personally I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do it. 🙂 I’m way too cranky!

  2. Thanks Felix. I’m pretty cranky most of the time myself, but I figure it’s a nice thing to keep in mind. Do unto others, etc…

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