Unraveling Obfuscation

ob fus cate – 1. to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy 2. to make obscure or unclear

A watched pot never…

Posted by Todd McKinney on March 29, 2008

…boils. You knew that.

I have been following a bit of the conversation on FriendFeed this past week, and had the germ of an idea for a really great post. Techmeme, according to Gabe, is particularly susceptible to a “bitchmeme” on the weekend. The reason is simple, there’s no news, so any petty squabble that generates a ton of links from bloggers shoots right up to the top.


(photo: omglia)

Armed with this little tidbit of knowledge, my blogosphere domination plan started to have some legs. All I need to do is generate some kind of controversy on Friday afternoon, and pretty soon I’ll have Arrington griping about how much VC money I’m getting for blogging.

As I’m sure you’ve seen, there were a couple of hurdles that completely derailed this otherwise perfect plan.

1. On Friday afternoon, I was busy actually working and completely missed the window of opportunity to start things rolling.

2. Fredreic not only stole my idea without realizing it, but he executed in a way that made my humble posting aspirations seem trivial in comparison. See for yourself, in all it’s glory, not just an open invitation to the weekend bitchmeme, but a full-blown history of the phenomenon.

3. Nothing happened.

Not a peep. The top story on Techmeme right now (subject to change of course) is the WordPress 2.5 upgrade. The next most interesting thing to my eye is Fred Wilson’s blog metrics. The only thing that has a glimmer of hope is the story about ex-Googlers turning on their former employers, but it just doesn’t have the necessary elements to really be a bitchmeme.

Maybe next week.

Update:  I wouldn’t have thought so late on Saturday, but I was premature. Gabe said it best on Sunday evening “A little late in coming, Bitchmeme has officially arrived.” Catch it here: Mark Evans- Why Original Blog Thought is so Difficult. Or here on techmeme. Whew, that was close 🙂


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